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webinar on Google March Updates

Google’s March Update – Webinar on Nofollow Tag and learn what are rel=sponsored tag

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  • March 07, 2020


In my recent poll on FB Group and on my Linkedin Profile I have asked about the rel=sponsored tags.

 What was the result of the poll? 

At least 90% of people said they don’t know about rel=sponsored tags.

I was shocked to know that people don’t know about the biggest and most important tags of Google.

Google now has updated the guidelines for the Nofollow tag too.

  • Why Google has made the changes in the Nofollow tags?
  • What is rel=nofollow, rel=sponsored and UGC tags?
  • What’s the Google update on Nofollow tags?
  • What are the hidden truths of Nofollow tags?
  • Do you wanna know about the myths of Crawling and Indexing?
  • Why Google has introduced  rel=sponsored tags?

Join our webinar on to know more about Google Tags, and to ease the hidden secrets of crawling and indexing.

You will be surprised to know what Google has said in the 1st march update, I have taught to my students way ago in my online SEO Training

google nofollow link's march update
google nofollow link’s march update

Why you should join this webinar on Google Updates?

This is the most important part of ADVANCED SEO. If you are creating SEO Strategy, wants to increase the crawling and indexing rate, if you are facing any indexing issues, if you have many Nofollow links in your backlinks profiles

If you have no No-follow links on your website, then you should join this webinar on the Google March Update

There is a small payment of Rs 11 (which is equal to the smallest Cadbury chocolate) for the token of appreciation for my work and my time.  I hope you won’t mind paying Rs 11 to learn something new and interesting from the official source.

The webinar will be on Sunday 8th March at 7.30 pm on the ZOOM session.

People who have registered just send me a confirmation on +919899414180 too

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  1. Thanks Rana ji, I watch your videos on youtube. thanka for sharing.

    But Google already announced about this update on oct-nov 2019. That they are implementing new attributes from March 2020.

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