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Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has evolved in recent years. It’s not just Facebook and Twitter anymore but channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube have risen in prominence when it comes to giving results for an online business. Therefore, SEORana experts are consistently developing new and improved strategies to effectively tap these growing opportunities. Know more here!

We are experts at planning and handling paid search advertising campaigns; like PPC, affiliate marketing and banner advertising. Coupled with our content strategies, the SMM that we do ensure maximum conversions. We have different plans covering all sorts of budgets. 

Why is Social Media Promotion Important for your Brand?

Social media offers a convenient way to run engaging and profitable promotions. Social media promotion can:

  • Increase brand awareness– According to statistics, more than 1 billion users have their account on Facebook. YouTube gets more than 30 million visitors each day. Furthermore, Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly. 
  • Gives a rapid track to market– You won’t have to wait for the press release or make costly advertisements.
  • A platform for loyal clients– The loyal customers of your brand can share their experience with your products or services and can also recommend your brand to their loved ones. 
  • Actual Client Engagement- Your customers will be in touch with you directly through social media platforms as they can like, share, comment on your posts, or chat with you. 
  • Feedback Generation- Social media platforms help generate feedback from the users of your products and services. 
  • Increase website traffic– Link your post to your brand website to increase the organic traffic
  • Community Building– Media promotion enables you, your customers, and other people who share same interest to connect with each other and build a strong community. 

We ensure:

  • High Traffic at low investment
  • Optimal click-through rates
  • Access to various paid online marketing platforms
  • Access to a large vendor base through our networks

What the most Common Social Media platforms Utilised for Promotions?

Out of several social media platforms, these 5 platforms are used most for brand promotion:

  1. Facebook: The largest social media platform allows you to post pictures, like, share, and comment. It is advisable to post the updated up to 40 characters for better engagement. Facebook Ads can be created to reach your target audience or area. 
  2. Instagram: Designed for mobile device, this social media platform lets you share photos and videos. You should post a 60 second video on your Instagram account to promote your business. Use relevant hashtags as this will help to reach a larger group of people. 
  3. LinkedIn: This platform is created for purpose of hiring and finding jobs. Here you can connect with professionals and business persons. Here you can converse with like-minded people and ask them to recommend your business on their profile to increase credibility and reliability of your business. 
  4. Twitter: Broadcast the latest updates of your business across the web with Twitter. Communication with other tweeters is a key to successful promotion. 
  5. YouTube: Create engaging videos that will help the users in anyway. It’s best to create instructive and knowledgeable videos such as ‘How to’ ‘What are’, etc. These kind of YouTube videos will also be crawled by Google bots and will appear in search results too.  
  6. Pinterest: We’ll create interesting infographics for your Pinterest account. Studies have shown that images attract lot of customers. 

Channels are chosen based on the content campaigns that you want to run. For instance, YouTube ads are best for video related campaigns and Pinterest is excellent for graphic content.

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