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Local SEO Services

Do you have a local business and think the Internet can maximize your reach? You are right. Do you have a classic themed café and want to attract more customers through your dynamic website? Get in touch with us for some rank boosting through our Local SEO Services.

We have targeted online advertising campaigns that are designed based on specific needs of your local business. Coupled with our Local SEO strategies, they help in generating maximum outreach and ensure more conversions on the go!

How Does Local SEO influence your business?

As per the Forbes study, 95% of mobile users used the device to do local searches, out of which 61% contacted the business and 59% actually visited. And according to SearchEngineWatch, 70% of smartphone users click to call businesses directly from search results shown by Google. 

If you’re a small business owner, you should take full advantage of local SEO. These includes:

  • Local SEO enables potential clients know about your business. A number of searches are done by non-locals who are looking for a similar business like yours and with the help of local SEO you can attract that audience.
  • Local SEO delivers the required information of your business to the potential clients. For instance, if your café offers free WiFi. Publishing such details can attract customers who are in search of these services. 
  • Local Search Engine Optimization offers the potential clients with options to take actions such as click to call, send message, etc. This helps you get verified leads that have higher chances of conversion. 
  • Provide as much data as you can while doing local SEO to be more trustworthy in the eyes of people looking for your services or products. This also helps to build a healthy customer relationship. 

What should you do to make your local SEO successful?

Your local SEO needs to be improved if you aspire to increase organic traffic to your website. Here are some tips you can follow to improve your website’s local SEO:


  • Make a Contact us Page


These days, visitors want to know more about your business. So, it’s mandatory to have a dedicated page wherein you’ll list down your contact information such as contact person name, address, contact number, and E-mail address. 

If you have branches of your business in different locations, we’ll suggest providing their details too. 


  • Contact Numbers should be Clickable on handheld devices


Research show that 30% of searches done using mobile devices are location-based. This give rise to the need for mobile-responsive websites. Talking about the results, 76% of searches done for local businesses end up in a phone call. This is why we suggest you to make your contact numbers clickable on handheld devices to not miss a single lead. 


  • Add your location or Google Map


The main purpose of local SEO is to make it convenient for people to find your business. So, not having a Google map or location on your website is not a good idea. 


  • Add Customer Reviews


Make sure you add your customer reviews or testimonials to boost the results of local SEO. Local SEO Guide tells, “Google considers testimonials a ‘trust signal.’”


  • Google My Business


Google My Business is a great place to start your local SEO. The profile enables you to manage your existence on Google. 

Complete your profile with all the details of your business and Google Map will reflect all the information about your business. 


  • Create a Blog


Blogging is an essential aspect of SEO. If don’t have your own blog, get it created with SEORana at reasonable price to get optimal benefits of local SEO. A blog increases the engagement and build trust in the eyes of customers. 

Our experts will work closely and relentlessly with you to understand your business in-depth and develop pinpoint strategies to help you boost your business with actuarial precision. 

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