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Affiliate Marketing Services

There is no denying the popularity the Affiliate Marketing programs with reference to business promotions and driving sales. Affiliate Marketing is one way to drive revenues exponentially. At SEORana, we develop a comprehensive affiliate marketing program for your products and services based on relevant content and targeted outreach and make sure you reap maximum benefits.

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Affiliate Marketing is an innovative way to promote and sell your products. Instead of spending loads on advertising, affiliate publishers delegate commissions to their marketers who are bloggers, Internet marketers and other online enthusiasts who are good at affiliate marketing. 

Is affiliate marketing beneficial for you?

To assist you in understanding the benefits of affiliate marketing, we’ve prepared a list of top 5 advantages of affiliate marketing:


  • A performance-based marketing


The primary benefit of being a part of an affiliate program is that it is completely based on the performance. The reason behind is that affiliates are paid a commission once only if the desired action has been done. This way they’re motivated to convert more customers.  It helps reduce any efforts, which generate irrelevant traffic that has little to no value to your business while it also ensures that you get what you deserve. 


  • Increases your Audience


These days affiliates exist in every market irrespective of product category. Whether you are looking to become an affiliate in the retail sector or for any niche like handmade decorative items, there are appropriate websites and platforms to deal with. Such partnerships provide an opportunity to expand your reach into new markets, which you might not otherwise have thought to target. 


  • Builds your reputation


By collaborating with popular bloggers and websites, you can increase your brand’s reputation. These partners will promote your products and will further increase the level of confidence in the customers for your products. 

When potential customers research a particular product/service, he or she looks for third party’s suggestion over content published directly by the brand website. 


  • Cost-effective Solution


Affiliate marketing is cost-effective due to the above reasons. If you are simply paying commissions when the wanted conversion happens, you are not wasting ad (advertisement) amount on placements, which have no justified value. Moreover, affiliate recruiting in the new market is a simple approach to expand into that market without incurring additional cost of creating a marketing campaign, reducing the requirement to lose money into an unverified market for the purpose of testing. 


  • Rapidly increase your traffic and sales


In combination with other marketing plans, hiring affiliates will enable to increase traffic faster. The more websites link to your webpages, the more chances you’ll get to convert prospects into paid customers. Although these affiliate links won’t directly impact the search engine rankings, this will have a ‘halo effect’ when more searchers look for your products and navigate to your webpages. Additionally, when most of the traffic comes from referral sites, you can expect an increase in your organic traffic and sales.

If you are thinking about adding an affiliate program for your products then we will develop it for you. We provide integrated solutions for this mechanism and also offer management and consultancy when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

We will take care of your specific needs and keep a tab on all affiliates and their sales. We also nurture relationships with affiliates as an initiative to increase sales and product outreach. With a powerful and efficient backend, we take care of paying your affiliates and developing exhaustive reports around your sales to five you key insights about customers and product feedback. 

We take care of all the little things like:

  • Creating affiliate sales pages
  • Submitting affiliate programs to affiliate directories and forums such as CJ affiliate
  • Setting up the entire affiliate infrastructure
  • Nurturing and recruiting new and powerful affiliate marketers
  • Affiliate Application reviews
  • Affiliate Management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Weekly/Monthly Reports

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